The Sharif Mafia

Saqib Zia
Amongst the incumbent lot of politicians in Pakistan, Sharif brothers are perhaps the most luckiest ones who have had the opportunity to rule the country for the past 30 years but it would be no exaggeration to say that they are the ones who have inflicted massive loss to the country both at internal and external level owing to their self-centered policies and myopic attitude in dealing with the state of affairs. This is a bitter reality that could not be changed. Being a responsible citizen I deem it as my responsibility to lid off the cauldron and reveal the truth about Sharifs’ so-called good governance despite the fact that the mafia imposed on the country have not only tried to stop me in bringing the this truth to the fore by resorting to pressure tactics but has also issued severe threats, however, these age-old tactics didn’t dissuade me in revealing the truth. History bears witness to the fact that these kinds of mean tactics have always been employed to silence and suppresses every such voices but time has changed. Things are very different now than they used to be. Today the three-time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his courtiers have been facing cases in the court of law. The heart wrenching incident of rape and murder of seven-year old girl in Kasur speaks volumes about the lawlessness in the country’s largest province Punjab which has been under the rule of Shehbaz Sharif for last 10 years. Needless to say hundreds of cases regarding abduction and sexual abuse of minors have surfaced in the province and there are reports that the gang involved in these heinous crimes has a tacit support of men in the government led by Pakistan Muslim League-N. There are reports, which amply demonstrate the fact that this well organized group has been active in the province for past several years and police has miserably failed in busting this gang that has wreaked havoc in the province. The dastardly incidents taking place in the region had send shockwaves all across the country but the people at the helm of affairs are found to have been grossly negligent. So far as the threats to national security are concerned Sharif brothers have been recklessly incognizant of the growing threats to our national security and stability. There are established evidences that the agents of Indian secret agency RAW have been working in different factories owned by the Sharif family. These agents were said to have been issued visas on special directives of ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The RAW activists working under the garb of technicians have been exempted from police verification/reporting. The confessionary statement of Kulbhushan Yadeve in this regard stands a testimony to the fact. Sharif and his party indifference towards the matter is so weird that his government did not even issue a single condemnation statement regarding the Yadeve’s arrest by the Pakistani intelligence sleuths. Sharif’s deafening silence over the matter is a manifestation that he and his team do not want to annoy his Indian friends. He extended special invitation to Indian premier at the wedding of his granddaughter but on this occasion he failed to remember the bloodbath of Kashmiris who were mercilessly martyred by Modi’s army in Indian occupied Kashmir. By inviting Modi at his Riwand residence Sharif had badly hurt the sentiments of Kashmiris who have been reeling under the yoke of Indian imperialism. Now that the real face of Sharif brothers stand exposed before the masses they can’t run away from the accountability and the day is not far when the nation will get rid of the Sharif Mafia that has been ruling the roast for over last 30 years.

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