Army chief warns of Russian threat in rare speech


LONDON: Britain’s armed forces would struggle to match the Russian army in battle, the head of the Army will say.
General Sir Nick Carter will say the British Army’s ability to respond to threats “will be eroded if we don’t keep up with our adversaries”.
The speech – approved by Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson – comes amid speculation of potential defence cuts.
The warning comes after Russia practiced simulated attacks across northern Europe.
In the speech, which will take place at the Royal United Services Institute on Monday, Gen Carter will highlight Russia’s new cyber warfare capabilities.
The Russian army conducted large scale military exercises last year, including simulated attacks across northern Europe, from Kaliningrad to Lithuania.
Gen Carter will also highlight the Russian army’s long-range missile strike capability. While Russian forces were intervening in Syria, 26 missiles were deployed from a 1500km (930 miles) range.
He will add that that Russia is building an increasingly aggressive expeditionary force, which already boasts capabilities the British Army would struggle to match.
Potential military threats to the UK “are now on Europe’s doorstep,” Gen Carter will say. Last year Prime Minister Theresa May said Russia had “mounted a sustained campaign of cyber espionage and disruption” against other nations.


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