Rawalpindi: Top Police officers of Rawalpindi city and Punjab are not only engaged in property business but also patronizing the land grabber mafia, revealed a report of a sensitive institution.
The report unveiled that DSP Salim Khattak of Rawalpindi Police has been engaged in sale and purchase of plots in many housing societies at Adiyala jail road. Besides this, the said police officer is also involved in providing shield to land extortionists and was patronizing the land grabbers by providing police contingent to them.
It said that on January 10 of the same month, DSP Salim Khattak provided police contingent of Police station Bairooni to notorious land mafia Sheikh Waheed group to grab land at Safari Enclave II. The project head of Safari Enclave II became victim of Sheikh Waheed and his accomplices. Owner of the project made frequent phone calls to DSP and SHO to avert untoward situation but police denied to extend any help.
As result of firing, one injured serious and lost his life after failure to give him medical treatment. DSP Salim Khattak categorically denied to provide the injured any help to the victim of firing and the owner of the society.
Sheikh Waheed tried to occupy the billions rupees costly residential project through an order issued by local court, which was issued without listening the case of the owner while this court order was suspended after witnessing the legal document.
Police station Bairooni on the application of victim’s brother Muhammad Yousuf registered case under 302 and instead of arresting the accused provided them opportunity to get from the courts and also collected application from the accused regarding registering murder case against Ghulam Mehboob, owner of the housing project.
Sources said that DSP Salim Khattak has no interest in providing justice to deceased Muhammad Yousuf and giving justice to children and heirs of the victim Muhammad Yousuf but his motive is to construct housing colony on the grabbed land by Sheikh Waheed.
It was a unique case of its kind that Police provided logistic support to land grabbers and evacuated houses and threw luggage of the residents out of their houses. Sources said that it was astonishing that land extortionists opened fire on Muhammad Yousuf in front of his brother. Brother of slain Yousuf is also eyewitness of the killing and firing incident while police are diverting the case’s investigation to implicate owner of the housing project in this case.
Increasing interest of Police officers of Rawalpindi and Punjab in property business has created a sense of depravation among the people regarding their safety and security. It is worth to recall that Sheikh Waheed who is a notorious ringleader of land grabber mafia had dragged one Naeem Ismat, owner of a housing project by putting string around his neck. The victim had filed many applications and provided proofs of torturer through videos but unfortunately failed to get justice. After the said incident, Sheikh Waheed got more courage to grab lands while local police provided him shelter.
When contacted DSP Saleem Khattak, he told that Sheikh Waheed had approached police with court orders so police contingent was sent alongwith him. He justified that police have no soft corner for any party. He said in murder case accused have taken the interim bail. He said heirs of victim Yousuf were leveling baseless allegations on him. On the other hand, owner of the housing project Mehboob told that five cases were registered against him during one month aimed at grabbing his land by Sheikh Waheed.
He appealed Chief Justice to take suomoto notice of the matter and ensure him security from police and land mafia while provide justice to the victim of slain Yousuf.

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