CJP for rule of law, constitution in country


Lahore: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Justice Saqib Nisar has assured that there would be rule of law and constitution in the country.
Addressing a ceremony held here Saturday at Al-Hamrah Hall of High Court Bar under the auspices of Bench and Bar, he said “We have pledged not to let ruin the democracy”. He said judiciary in the country is completely independent and the nation should be proud of it.
Justice Saqib Nisar praised the apex court’s bench and said all judges are capable and an epitome of honesty. He also said that judges have no right to make decisions based on their own likes and dislikes, and are bound by law to make independent decisions. He added judiciary can be considered a watchdog according to modern jurisprudence, which helps citizens in getting their rights.
“We have seldom tried people for contempt despite so much criticism against us”, he added. He said that the current Supreme Court bench comprises people who are truly independent and hold up to the highest standards of integrity. He said that the captain depends on his team and the Supreme Court is incomplete without Justice Asif Saeed Khosa.
“Today, on this forum, I say that when I critically analyse my team, I never find any flaw,” he said. “Yes, there can be a lack of knowledge on this bench, and I would raise my hand and admit in front of you all that my knowledge is probably the least among my peers on the bench,” he added. “I believe that this team, once it starts working together, will be purer than gold and provide exemplary justice,” he added.
Speaking to his fellow judges, Justice Nisar told the story of Lord Denning, a famous judge, and Mrs Stone.“One day Mrs Stone threw a book at Lord Denning because she did not believe the judgment was fair. The book missed Lord Denning as he tilted his head and hit the wall behind him. He smiled and calmly remarked, ‘I am sure this wasn’t pointed us.’ That is the level of calm judges are expected to show,” Justice Nisar explained as he concluded the story.
“If anyone believes that being an SC judge is a paid vacation, they should think again. Every judge has the responsibility of providing justice to the people. We will have to answer in front of God for the work we do here,” Justice Nisar warned members of the SC bar while adding that he expects the highest level of conduct from his bench.
“Being a judge is not about being able to pass whatever judgment one likes. It is about providing justice by the book. And if any of you (the judges present in the convention) cannot do that. retire, and do something else,” Justice Nisar said, while adding that he was saying this more to himself than to anyone else.Justice Nisar said the same while addressing the 3rd Sindh Judicial Conference in Karachi on January 13, and said judges have the responsibility to provide justice on time and in accordance with the law. He said they are to provide justice based on law and not on choices.
He said at the conference that, unfortunately, the orders being announced at present, they are based on choices, instead of the law.
He termed the bar and the bench as indispensable to each other’s integrity and the crippling of either of the two cripples the whole institution. He said that it was the duty of the judiciary to eliminate discord and provide justice as a duty, not favor upon anyone.
He further said that officials require “sifarish” to draw pension from the institution they serve their whole lives. “Those who are responsible for the downtrodden are not able to cater to them properly.” he remarked.
“Nations confront challenges, but they face them with steadfastness. One year of uprightness develops into a habit ultimately.” he said. “We need a robust judicial system, honest leadership and education. We have to dispense justice with patience and perseverance.” He designated Justice Khosa as the head of the bench hearing Nehal Hashmi’s case and assured of hearing soon.
CJP said once during the hearing of a case he felt ashamed that a woman Khushhall Bibi was withdrawing only Rs 433 from bank as monthly pension. He instructed president Lahore Bar and others to appear before the court in less cases. He said he will monitor the cases and get reports from judges, in this regard. He urged the lawyers to refrain strike and sabotaging and play role of vanguard for providing justice to the masses. He said there are 1,50,000 lawyers across the country while he (CJ) was their commander. On this occasion, he read out poetry sent by Justice Umar Atta Bandiyal “Khuda Karay Meri Arz-e-Paak Pay Utray Woh Fasal-e-Gull Jissay Andaisha-e-Zawal Na Ho”. During his speech, lawyers chanted slogans “Chief Teray Jaan Nisar Beshumar Beshumar”.
Senior judge, Supreme Court Asif Saeed Khosa said it was duty of all lawyers and judges to serve the masses and to provide them justice. He said all pending criminal appeals would be disposed off after winter vacations. He informed there are 300 pending appeals across the country.
Vice Chairman Pakistan Bar Council, Ahsan Bhoon addressing the ceremony thanked for taking suo-moto notice in Shahzeb murder case. He said courts make verdicts not over media hype but according to the law. He said rulers are happy with the judiciary when decisions are made according to their aspirations and favor. He said when decisions are made against them then they become unhappy with the judiciary. He added when the institutions fail to fulfill the responsibilities then it was mandatory for the judiciary to help the masses. He said newly appointed Chief Justice Lahore High Court (LHC) would be consulted while training of young lawyers would be ensured. He appreciated Chief Justice for snubbing the institutions regarding disseminating law education.


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