Scarcity of gas leads to unlawful sale of LNG at soaring cost


Islamabad: Due to shortage of gas in federal capital, the mafia who is selling LNG cylinders illegally is minting money with both hands.
The consumers are forced to buy LNG cylinders at much higher rate than market price from the unauthorized dealers because of the gas load shedding for many hours at daily basis in Islamabad.
On the other hand the LNG dealers level allegations against the police official that they receive commission from them on regularly basis.
According to the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) refilling of LNG from uncertified dealers is prohibited but hundred of shopkeepers are filling this cylinder illegally at every nock and corner of the federal capital. People are doing this dirty business even at their homes.
The illicit business of LNG is going on at full swing at the sectors of H/8, G/8, G/7 and G/6 of Islamabad ,whereas in the suburb of Islamabad, the vicinities including Taramri, Tarlai, Khana Pul, Ali Pur, Chak Shahzad ,Golra and Bari Imam are the famous sale points , where LNG is being sold without any check.
The traders who are dealing LNG illegally have increased the price of LNG at their own owing to high demand as the price of per cylinder has been raised to Rs 3500 from Rs 3000, while open LPG’s cost has reached to Rs 165 per kilogram from its previous rate of Rs 120/ kg.
Last year on public’s complaint, police had arrested an uncertified LNG dealer from the area of Bari Imam, who was later released after taking heavy bribe from him.
An unauthorized gas dealer told Online that they use compressor for transferring LNG from one cylinder to another, yet this method is easy one but on the other hand it is quite risky too.
“Police get its commission on regular basis and if someone refuses to give money, they threaten for dare consequences. On which we have to pay bribe to them”, he added.
It is pertinent to mention here that the refilling of gas cylinder is very dangerous phenomena in which the illegal LNG operators put the lives of thousand citizens at stake, but the administration and police has closed their eyes on this hazardous situation.


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