BEIJING: Pakistan Embassy in China has lunched “Pakistan Food Extravaganza” in Beijing with an intention to promote food and culture among foreigners exploring the exciting city through its mouth-watering eateries.

Generously-sprinkled spices have spread their aroma across the city, tempting Chinese people and other foreigners to enjoy Pakistani food. The festival was inaugurated by Pakistani ambassador Masood Khalid a day before yesterday.

Talking to a local news agency the ambassador said that Pakistani cuisine is based on a long historic tradition and cooking excellence, adding that it is unique in its taste and representation.

“We are introducing food along with the traditional Pakistani music. It contains the famous Biryani, chicken Haleem, and Sajji along with various other Pakistani delicacies,” he added.

Commenting the initiative to introduce delicious and full variety of food, Chinese Urdu poet Zhang Shixuan said; “I love Pakistani food, it seems as I am celebrating Eid today.”

Pakistan food festival will continue till 23 January at the China World Hotel in Beijing to attract the food with flavour-packed culinary experiences.

The ceremony was attended by people from various nationalities including diplomatic and media communities in Beijing.

The food fest aims to strengthen cultural ties between Pakistan and China through food.

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