Five gored to death at Indian bull-taming event


NEW DELHI: At least five men in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu have been gored to death while watching a bull-taming contest known as Jallikattu.
The men were spectators at events held since Sunday. The controversial sport is making a comeback after a ban. It was banned by the Supreme Court in 2014 on grounds of animal cruelty. But the government lifted the ban in 2017.
The sport sees thousands of men in the state chase bulls to grab prizes tied to their specially-sharpened horns.
Officials said the latest death came at an event in Pudukottai district on Wednesday. At least 60 others have also suffered injuries. Last year the government decided to allow the sport, which traditionally takes place in January, after the state witnessed widespread protests.
This decision paved the way for the sport to be conducted across the state this year.
Over the years, scores of people have been gored or trampled to death in the contests. Hundreds, including spectators, have been injured.
Animal rights activists say the spectacle causes unnecessary stress to the bulls who are released into a crowd and forced to fend off people trying to ride them.
The government, however, said the sport was important for the “survival and well-being of the native breed of bulls and preserving cultural traditions”.


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