Scholars’ joint Fatwa to help end terrorism: Hafiz Saeed


Lahore: Ameer Jamaat ud Dawa (JuD) Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has completely endorsed the fatwa issued by scholars against terrorism. He said, “Joint fatwa of countrywide scholars would help to end terrorism. Killings of Muslims by applying fatwa of infidel, is discord rather Jihad. Only the state can declare the war against enemy. Scholars from all class of thoughts have complete consensus on this issue.”

In his statement, he said that Fitna Takfeer (mischief charging of infidelity) and externality have severe damanged Muslim Community. JuD firstly condemned suicide bombings and launched countrywide campaign against this issue. Due to Fitna Takfeer, character of Muslims has been damaged badly and sectarian massacre grew.

Terming unanimous fatwa named “Paigham e Pakistan” important necessity of time, he urged scholars to guide Muslim Ummah by keeping in mind modern issue and mischiefs.

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed called Paigham e Pakistan Fatwa support of his stand, adding that whole nation is familiar with the role of JuD and its efforts against Fitna Takfeer.

“JuD is against all kinds of terrorism, torture and killings of Muslims by applying fatwa of infidel. Unanimous fatwa of scholars of all class of thoughts is propitious and voice of whole nation.” He added.


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