ISLAMABAD: PTI has filed constitutional petition in Supreme Court (SC) seeking right of vote for overseas Pakistanis.

A petition was filed by PTI leaders including Imran Khan, Arif Alivi and Azhar Tariq taking the plea that no arrangements have been made for casting of votes by overseas Pakistanis under Electoral Reforms Act. The experiment of voting by overseas Pakistanis was to be carried out in by polls. Two by polls have taken place but election commission had not made arrangements for enabling overseas Pakistanis to cast votes.

It was further said in the petition that due to walk out by PTI electoral reforms bill was passed in haste. PTI tabled amendments on April 11. PTI had not signed final draft bill of law. PTI had not cast vote in support of electoral reforms act.
The petition stated that constitution gives right to vote to all Pakistanis.
The petitioners prayed the court to ensure implementation of its verdict on grant of right to vote to Pakistanis. Election commission and federation should be ordered to give right to vote to overseas Pakistanis.

The court was prayed to order for giving right to vote to overseas Pakistanis in upcoming general elections.

Election Commission and federation have been made respondents in the petition.

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