Protesting parties won’t succeed in its ‘nefarious designs’: Birjees Tahir

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Islamabad: (Parliament Times) The Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Ch. Muhammad Birjees Tahir while expressing dismay over the opposition parties’ protest in Lahore said that Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri neither succeeded in the past nor will they succeed in future in achieving their ‘nefarious designs’.

He said that protesting parties’ level of intransigence could be gauged by their 4 and a half year track record in which they spent four years in staging protests against the government. “Now that a few months have left for the incumbent government to complete its constitutional term, the only motive behind the opposition parties’ protest is nothing but to create further hurdles in the way of development process”, Tahir said adding that their only objective is to foment political instability in the country. “To materialize his dream of becoming prime minister IK on one hand is taking refuge of protests to slow down the pace of work on development projects initiated by the PML-N government while on the other Tarhirul Qadri is hatching new conspiracies against the country”, he observed.

He said the PPP leadership’s participation in the Lahore protest was a deliberate attempt to deflect peoples’ attention away from its worst party performance in Sindh. He said that the incompetent government of People’s Party in the province has turned the port city of Karachi into a heap of garbage.

He said that the Pakistan Muslim League (N) and its workers will not allow any one whosoever to derail the democracy in the country and its journey towards progress and prosperity.

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