Motives behind anti govt movement movement to give us answers to several questions: Nawaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif has said if some one thinks about objectives of anti government movement then one will get answers to several questions.

“If we think over the objectives of anti governemnt movement then we will get the answers to several questions”, he said this while talking to media men after appearing before the accountability court Tuesday.
Only four to five months are left more in completion of its tenure by the government then what is motive behind launching anti government movement, he held

Maulana has come from Canada to Pakistan particularly this time, he questioned; Those behind anti governemnt movement should wait. People will decide about it, he remarked.

Citing to change in Balochistan government he said what had happened in Balochistan was a heinous joke with the nation and Pakistan.
: A man who bagged 500 votes in election and whose security was going to be confiscated automatically became chief minister of Balochistan, he underlined.

He observed “we are going to convene meeting on Balochistan soon and Baloch leadership will be invited therein. The causes leading to the prevailing situation in Balochistan will be discussed in this meeting.

To a question about NAB references he said “ media knows it well what is the case, what is its nature and how much life is in this case,

He narrated a story saying people were much fond of watching film in the decade of 1960 and a film gained too much publicity. Much money was spent on it. A few days later some one asked from the producer about business of the film. The producer answered “Pehlay haftay zabardast, doosray haftay zabardasti (The first week it ran greatly but the second week it was run forcibly “.

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