SC orders for demolishing illegal constructions in Murree without further delay


ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC) while ordering for demolition of all illegal constructions in Murree without further delay has sought details of illegal buildings from district administration.

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar while warning deputy commissioner Rawalpindi has remarked “demolish the illegal constructions or you will fall. I have seen Mall road in young age and in old age too. This is not a rocket science. Get the bulldozers on rent and demolish the illegal constructions.
He gave these remarks while presiding over a three members bench of Supreme Court (SC) here Monday during the course of hearing of suo motu notice of encroachments in Murree.

After hearing the arguments the court directed the deputy commissioner Rawalpindi to present all details.

The court further ordered “besides providing list of illegal constructions the court should also be told these illegal constructions are owned by whom. Who is responsible for the illegal constructions?

CJP remarked “ all the details should be provided today.

CJP inquired from deputy commissioner “ tell us if illegal constructions have been made in Murree or otherwise.

Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi told illegal constructions have been made in Murree since 2003. The cases are pending hearing in the courts and stay orders have also been obtained.

CJP remarked “ give us the details of cases which are pending hearing in the courts. Go to Murree and make announcement. whosoever has come to the courts should come.

CJP while addressing to deputy commissioner said “ either these buildings will fall or you will fall. These are illegal constructions which were raised with the blessing of your department. Don’t hide illegal constructions from us in the face of political influence. There will be consequences if my inspection team identifies the illegal buildings which are concealed.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case till today.


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