Educating a woman is educating a nation: Quddusi


Rawalpindi: (Parliament Times) The Chief Executive of Jinnah Institute of Informatics and Sciences and a distinguished educationist, Pirzada Rahat Masood Quddusi, has said that the women have a great role in a society. If education is given to a man, a single person gets educated whereas a woman gets education a whole family and a whole society turn towards progress in its result.

That nation remained dominant whose daughters were educated. Today’s students are tomorrow’s mansions. It’s they who have to contribute in the development of their country and to raise its names and its green flag in the world. These thoughts were shared by him, Pirzada Rahat Masood Quddusi on the occasion of Fun Night held at Jinnah Institute. Masood Sultan Ch., the Principal of Jinnah Institute, also addressed at the movement.

Pirzada Rahat Quddusi has also said that Jinnah Institute has earned its name in a short period because they have focused on quality instead of quantity and their try is to make this institution the symbol of standard. The institutions are the name of a bond between the teachers and their students. The building in itself is not praise worthy unless that bond is established. He further said that they not only work on the students’ education but also their character building, because they are our future. At the end of the function the students presented skits, tablose and national songs.


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