Aftershocks of coming earthquake will be felt all over country: Hafiz


JACOBABAD: JUI-F information secretary Hafiz Hussain Ahmad has said PML-N Chief Minister (CM) of Balochistan has been replaced with PML-Q and the aftershocks of forthcoming earthquake in the country will be felt throughout Pakistan.
“In the past PML government was replaced with PML government. Now too PML-N chief minister has been replaced by PML-Q in Balochistan. But he is not in PML-Q , he is now in “Koh Qaf”, he said this while talking to media men here Monday.

Responding to a question he said “ Alas Benazir soul would have come in Zardari then it would have been good. The souls don’t come to those who hatch conspiracy to capture “ souls. Zardari talks of Benazir philosophy but the soul of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto comes in him despite the fact Benazir Shaheed comes in between them. Why she is made minus.

He said Senate polls don’t seem to be taking place in normal manner. Its impact will create problems for some persons and political parties.

He held apparently there is no room for technocrat government in the constitution but room can be provided.

He went on to say US President has said Pakistan has deceived US. In fact what has been given to us has been given by US. Either US have given us deception or dollar. Who are we to give US any thing. We are among those who only get deception and dollar. US want to shift burden of its failures to us, he added.

He stated month of February is the smallest and crucial one. The days of winter are smaller and nights larger. Weather will also change and its manner will undergo change as well. Those raising slogans for change can under go change, he added.


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