Increase in exports must to appreciate Pak rupee: Altaf Shakoor

Karachi: Government should take firms steps to increase exports to
get appreciated the value of Pakistani rupee on priority, said Pasban e
Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor here Monday.
He said with new arrangements of swap with the Chinese currency, it is
feared that the Pakistani rupee would further depreciate, adding if so it
would not augur well for economy, besides increasing the burden of foreign
debt. He said it is necessary to take precautionary measures from now so
that the Pakistani rupee is not depreciated in the international Forex
market.He said the key to resolve this issue is increasing export of Pakistani goods for which the government should provide generous incentives to the industrial sector.He said besides we should be self-sufficient in meeting local demand, so that less and less goods and commodities could be imported. He said it is fact that Pakistan lacks behind in producing quality goods at cheaper cost;
this is why the country may not compete with the cheaper Chinese goods. He
said ultimately this situation would appreciate the value of Chinese
currency, as compared to the Pakistani rupee.
He asked for making a better climate to attract new investment so as to
generate more employment opportunities and increase the DGP as it would
cast a multiplier effect on our economy.

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