Political parties should sit together to face international pressure


Lahore : Vice President SAARC Chamber Iftikhar Ali Malik has saiid that the mainstream political parties should keep aside their differences and sit on one table to evolve a joint strategy to counter US-India diplomatic pressure.

In a statement issued here on Thursday , he said political stability in Pakistan is vital to face internal and external threats including new US Trump administration and Indian aggressive policies towards Pakistan.

He said all the political parties should adopt unanimous approach to scale down US pressure on Pakistan and give a message to foreign powers that entire Pakistan stands united and on one page to face internal and external security challenges with stout heart and on the same time should signal to international community that Pakistan would wipe out the menace of terrorism and would not allow any terrorist group to use its soil against any country.

US President Trump announced his policy towards Afghanistan and South Asia hitting out at Pakistan for providing safe haven to what he called the “agents of chaos” that killed Americans in Afghanistan.

Iftikhar Ali Malik, who is also founder Chairman Pak
US Business Council slammed the US President Donald Trump policy about alleged terrorists’ safe haven in Pakistan, said his illogical stance is singularly unhelpful in achieving the objective of strategic stability and durable peace in the South Asian region.

He said the US administration instead of imposing restrictions on Pakistan should offer fruitful help to Pakistan for revival of its economy so that we can fight more efficiently against terrorism. For this purpose, he suggested the United States and Pakistan should expand cooperation on the 2013 Joint Action Plan on Trade and Investment as the United States remains Pakistan’s largest bilateral export market and a significant source of foreign direct investment.


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