PARC & NIH sign MoU to enhance cooperation in One Health Initiative for NHS


Islamabad: A signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding between Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and National Institute of Health (NIH) was held at PARC HQs, Islamabad to enhance cooperation in the field of One Health Initiative for National Health Security.

A delegation from National Institute of Health (NIH), Islamabad headed by Prof. Brig. Aamir Ikram SI (M), Executive Director, National Institute of Health visited PARC HQs on Thursday for the purpose.

The Objective of the MoU is implementation of One Health Initiative for National Health Security by the PARC and NIH through sharing surveillance data / information regarding Zoonoses / Zoonotic pathogens, devise appropriate coordinated response leading to eventual risk reduction to human / animal / environment health which could potentially significant socio-economic and environmental impacts.

According to the MoU, a National Steering Committee is to be set up to implement the related policies. However, it will act solely in an advisory capacity. Govt. officials from related sectors will work together to map out committees in the country that already deal with zoonosis, surveillance and information sharing. Enhance capacity of integrated approach will also be established to One Implementation at policy / guidelines, protocol and operational levels so as to promote effective and timely prevention, and control efforts on human health risks in dealing with emerging infectious diseases of zoonotic significance. A mechanism will also be set up for interagency collaboration with the aim of sharing surveillance data, exchange knowledge and information for identification / verification and reporting of abnormal threats of the emerging infectious diseases of zoonotic origin or other animal risks as well as other abnormalities which could potentially pose a serious health threat to humans, animals and environments.

PARC will provide technical support to NIH in any relevant field of study and the data generated will be shared across all stakeholders for Research and Development activities through publicize knowledge and information to raise awareness, media releases among members of the public and communities about One Health.


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