Infants losing mothers in IHK a slap in the face for ‘civilized world’: PM AJK


“Says world must ask India what crime the mothers of these infants had committed”

Muzaffarabad: (Parliament Times) Terming recent killings of innocent women by Indian occupation forces in occupied Kashmir as a slap in the face for international community the prime minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Khan on Thursday said that the civilized world must ask India what crime these few months old infants’ mothers had committed and which kind of terrorism they were involved in.

“The world human rights organizations must influence upon the government of India to stop rights violations in the disputed region”, the AJK PM said adding that threat to regional peace would further escalate in case the international community maintains criminal silence over the worsening human rights situation in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Lamenting on the recent deteriorating human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir, the AJK PM said, “World must ask India that what kind of brutality is this to kill a mother of 3 months old baby markedly on Women’s day”.

“Even the innocent civilians living on Line of Control including children and women are not safe from Indian atrocities, Indian Armed forces are continuously targeting civilian population on LOC” Prime Minister added.

He said that it was high time that the international community should discharge its legal and moral responsibilities vis-à-vis Kashmir. “There is a peaceful resistance movement going on in Kashmir against India’s illegal and forcible occupation”, he said.

Khan said that India America nexus has become a new threat to peace and stability in South Asia. Expressing his concern over the recent developments between India and America he said that India being beneficiary of big consumer market may pressurize Super Power to neglect the Kashmir issue. The Indo-US nexus he feared may result many unprecedented consequences in South Asia as America has overlooked the Kashmir issue and kept silent on deteriorating human rights violations.

Prime Minister demanded the United Nations to take stern notice on human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir and must play their role, he said, “UN must implement its resolutions passed on Kashmir issues since 1948; peace and stability in South Asia cannot be possible unless the implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir.

It is worth to mention here that a 24-year-old woman was killed when Indian occupation forces opened fire on protesters near Batmuran village of Shopain district on Tuesday.

According to reports, Beauty Jan, 24, was sitting in a room with her baby in her lap when a bullet was fired from outside through window. “We were sitting in the room and could not even stand up because firing was going on heavily outside and suddenly a bullet hit her in abdomen. She dropped Azra with a cry and fell down”, one of the bereaved family members said while talking to Greater Kashmir correspondent.

Another young woman named Maysara Bano, was killed in firing by Indian occupation troops at her house in Unisoo area of Kupwara district. Bano the mother of seven month old baby girl was shot point blank by an Indian soldier while she was holding her baby in her bosom in the dark during operation.


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