Pak traders seek joint economic ventures and direct US market access


Islamabad : Founder Chairman Pak-US Business Council and Vice President SAARC Chamber Iftikhar Ali Malik on Tuesday said joint ventures should be made between Pakistan and US in economic sphere which will not only helpful to create Pakistan-US long term bilateral relationship but also give an edge to Pakistan in war against terrorism.
Talking to media after attending a meeting with US Ambassador to Pakistan at regional office of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the business community top leader Iftikhar Ali Malik, said the USA should remove the bottlenecks in bilateral investment treaty and efforts should now be made on signing a free trade agreement (FTA) at the earliest and it is now imperative that the USA should offer same package and incentives which it offers to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in textile exports, such as duty concessions and market access.
“There must be an incentive package for Pakistan for being a front-line state in combating terrorism with the USA.
There is a need for duty cut and market access for Pakistani textile goods to the USA,” he added.
He said that Pakistan is time tested friend and suffered colossal irreparable economic losses running in billions of dollars in the wake of war on terrorism in the region.
He further said visa restrictions should be eased for the Pakistani businessmen and exporters and joint efforts are needed to further cement the existing economic ties between Pakistan and US private sector.
He said Pakistan and US are enjoying amicable relationship and coalition partners against war on terror.
He said Hillary Clinton former Secretary of State at one on one meeting with him during her last visit to Pakistan promised to develop Reconstruction of Zones (ROZ) which he added still waited to be materialized.
Iftikhar Ali Malik who is also Chairman United Business Group (UBG) said Pakistan was emerging as a fast developing and modern republic in South Asia.
He urged Pakistani-American businessmen to avail immense business potential in Pakistan as well.


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