Nawaz hell bent upon ruining system for the sake of personal justice: PPP


ISLAMABAD: PPP has said former Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif screams tell that some new “Ladla” has come against him in the field.

Reacting to Nawaz talks with media men on the occasion of his appearance in Accountability Court (AC) here Tuesday, PPP spokesman Chaudhry Manzoor said “ Nawaz Sharif has started screaming only after his five times appearance in the court.

“We have been enduring the step motherly treatment since the last 5 decades. We lifted bodies but we did not scream. Nawaz Sharif has no concern with justice. He should stop playing joke with the nation”, he added.

He held that Nawaz earlier launched movement for personal judiciary and now he is bent upon ruining the system for the sake of his personal justice. Nawaz remained part of every conspiracy and revenge against PPP, he added.

PPP is not satisfied over the decisions of Hudaibiya paper mills and Niazi services therefore, it is speaking full truth, he remarked.

He underlined that PML-N and PTI are steeped in the mire of corruption and still they are alleging PPP. The real face of those who are alleging the martyrs of democracy has been exposed to nation.


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