UBG hails PM policy for taking FPCCI into confidence for boosting economic


Lahore: SAARC Chamber Vice President and Chairman of United Business Group (UBG) Iftikhar Ali Malik Sunday appreciated Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s prudent policy for taking business community into confidence in decision-making process for preparing the national agenda for economic revival and traders will cooperate with the government at every level to accelerate the pace of development in the country.

Talking to media on Sunday his return from Islamabad after meeting with Prime Minister along with Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry he said FPCCI and other regional chambers are representative body of Pakistan’s business community and any decision without their consultation and input would create confusion rather than helping the government finding a workable solution to the country’s on-going economic crisis.

Iftikhar Ali Malik who was also former President of FPCCI said the government should take FPCCI leadership and other stakeholders into confidence over proposed national agenda before calling any other group to take the role of business community leaders.

He added that urgency of the situation and worsening economic crisis demand complete unity among business community and FPCCI will foil any bid meant to create division among them.
He suggested to the government that it should immediately convene a meeting of the businessmen board formed by the prime minister to discuss all issues confronting the country on economic side and find a solution to them without wasting any time.

He said the business community was fully aware of the gravity of the situation arising out of alarmingly weak economy and wants to lend its hand to the government for preparing a strategy to find a workable solution to the economic problems.


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