Gun & Country club employees to record protest against Daniyal Aziz in front of Parliament


Islamabad: Restored on court order, employees of Gun and Country club have decided to lodge protest against Federal Minister for Privatization, Daniyal Aziz in front of the Parliament House for his reluctance to reinstate their services.

The services of Gun and Country club employees were restored on the court order but Federal Minister for Privatization was using delaying tactics in restoration of services. These employees who have been restored on services through court order protested against Daniyal Aziz and his Secretary and imposed ban on the entry of Daniyal Aziz and his secretary to Gun and Country Club.

The protesting employees were of the view that Daniyal Aziz following footprints of his leaders, was violating the court orders. They informed that court has restored their services alongwith the amenities but Daniyal Aziz was not seemed ready to accept the court verdict.

They told that Daniyal Aziz had forcibly terminated services of employees. On the other day when employees lodged their protest and blocked all roads leading to Gun and Country club then the administration summoned police. Employees of the club vowed to raise their voices at each and every forum and also continue their struggle till their voices resounds in the Parliament.


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