FIA starts investigation on private operation in PIMS

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Islamabad: On the matter of private operations in PIMS, FIA has started an inquiry at the special advice of Prime Minister.
Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on the special advice of Prime Minister and in the light of fact finding report of CAAD has taken up the matter for probe of private operations in the PIMS.
According to reliable sources Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has directed Minister CAAD Tariq Fazal Chaudhry that in heart department of PIMS operations of patients are being conducted. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry has also been advised that a fact finding inquiry should be conducted so that the true picture comes to light in this regard. CAAD has presented the fact finding report to the Prime Minister which mentioned wonderful revelations.
The report reveals that Heart Doctor Faridullah along with his 8 member team checks the patients at his private clinic and receive operation fee but conduct operation in PIMS. It is against the interest of permanent patients of PIMS.
The report further said that hundreds of heart operations in the PIMS are lined up. But Dr. Faridullah using his influence rejects the date of PIMS’s lined up patient and instead operates his clinic’s heart patient. The report added thus the deserving and poor patients badly suffer and face a lot of problems and they are being given a further fresh dates of months away.
At the very outset of FIA inquiry Dr. Fariduddin contention was that following the payment of PIMS fee they were operating privately. Another stance came to light that they were depositing full fee in PIMS accounts and later on they were being given their share.
They talked to VC PIMS on the entire matter he said these doctors are not regular doctors. A SOP is in progress to make them regular. He said it is premature to say anything whether or not they were depositing fee. However on the matter of fee Ministry of CAAD has written a letter to AGPR for forensic audit to find the traces whether or not Dr. Faridullah was depositing private patients fee in PIMS accounts.
The fact finding report of CAAD makes it clear that Dr. Faridullah has not deposited fee of any private operation.
In this context we have tried our best to contact Dr. Faridullah repeatedly but he was reluctant and denied to talk on this matter.

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