We will not sit in the house till constitutional powers are not given to FATA people: Khurshid Shah

ISLAMABAD: Deadlock on Fata Reforms Bill (FRB) between government and opposition still persists and opposition has staged walk out from National Assembly (NA) on this count. .

Heated debate took place in NA on FRB Thursday and opposition members along with opposition leader Khurshid Shah staged walk out from the house.

Opposition leader Khurshid Shah while speaking in NA said that attempt has been made to make parliament a rubber stamp; Opposition will not allow any one to do so. Powers be given to people of FATA which are enshrined in constitution. Opposition will not sit in the house till it is not done so.

He held “we are not ready to accept Afghanistan, India theory. FATA people are demanding their rights. This parliament is of the people of Pakistan. We will not sit in the parliament unless their right is given to people of FATA.

He went on to say “we want people of FATA should be given their legal and constitutional right. We consider them as part of Pakistan. We are not ready to accept any outdated colonial law.

Nazveed Qamar said a day before army chief had supported to integrate FATA people into national mainstream. Now government is left with no excuse and justification. The government will have table FRB in assembly.

Federal Minister Abdul Qadir Baloch said government has no objection over FATA reforms. We have introduced 25 amendments and bill has not been made part of agenda due to some technical reason. Prime Minister will hold meetings with parliamentary leaders. It is hoped problem will soon be sorted out. Cabinet has given yes nod to Fata reforms.

Mehmood Achakzai said FATA issue should be resolved as per will of people of Fata. An elected governor who is answerable to president be given to FATA.

All the decisions will have to be taken with wisdom in the prevailing situation of Pakistan, he added. FATA is not domain of parliament. Our army will be stuck up there if we donot take better decisions.

Sheikh Rashid said opposition has taken decision under Khurshid Shah that they will continue to protest unless FATA reforms bills is made part of agenda. Due to disclosure of two leaders a unanimously agreed bill by the house has been withdrawn. Withdrawal of this bill has breached the privilege of the entire house. This is a sensitive issue and the legislators from FATA can tender resignations over this issue. Speaker should exercise his powers before this is done. .

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