Is there any law for elite class in the country: CJP asks

Islamabad: Supreme Court (SC) has directed Best Way Cement Factory (BWCF) to fill Katas Raj temple pond with water within a week and file implementation report of court orders.

The court has also ordered for shutting down illegal turbine of BWCF forthwith. Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has remarked “state institutions are being run on political basis rather than their ability. In one way we are also government. Wherever there is administrative vacuum we will fill it. All the factories operating in the area will be got shut down if environment deteriorates at local level.

He gave these remarks while presiding over a 3-member bench of SC during the course of hearing of Katas Raj Temple suo motu case here Wednesday. He expressed resentment over non appearance of Best Way Cement Factory (BWCF) counsel.

The representative of factory said we have Babar Sattar as our counsel in this case but he has not reached so far.

The CJP remarked ‘ as far as I know licence has not been issued to Babar Sattar for doing practice as lawyer in SC. Who has given you right to use sub-soil water. Factory has what right to use sub soil water. Tell us. BWCF uses how much water daily. The factory was allowed to yield how much production daily and how much permission is given to it today. The CJP inquired why the owner of the factory does not appear in the court.

The representative of factory told the court that he lives in London, therefore, he can not come. CJP remarked “does he not know case is running. News of case come in media. BWCF has caused damage to Chakwal and its surrounding areas.

The representative of BWCF told the court that 80000 gallons water is used daily.
CJP remarked why not process of drawing water by BWCF through tube well be suspended today.

CJP remarked “ if atmosphere is deteriorated at local level then all these factories will be got shut down. These cement factories have drawn sub soil water. General public is disturbed. CJP remarked “when I pass through Motorway then I feel sorrow that the natural beauty has been marred. The mountains existing there were eliminated through digging.

BWCF counsel said we have not dug the mountain which stands in front of motorway.
CJP remarked “ we have come to understand that the rich people have marred the beauty of the area. Don’t make the life of people miserable on the pretext of exporting cement

Assistant Advocate General (AAG) Punjab told the court that BWCF has installed one turbine illegally.

CJP remarked “shut down the illegal turbine of the factory forthwith. Is there no law for elite class in the country. Makhdoom Ali Khan counsel for BWCF said we have obtained permission as per law.

The CJP remarked “ in one way we are also government; We will fill where there is administrative vacuum. Makhdoom Ali Khan said we acted as per order of the government.

CJP remarked “the state institutions are run politically and not on the basis of ability;. Can any parents give arsenic polluted water to their children to drink; I have seen the situation in Karachi; Now it is turn of Punjab. I said to chief minister Sindh can he come with me to Thar and drink a glass of water therein. I say to Punjab chief minister too can Chief Minister Punjab drink water of such area.;The health of a child is more important than million of rupees.

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