Manon Raja hails from Kashmir becomes the first V-logger of Pakistan


Saqib Ali Haidri

Muzaffarabad: A French based Pakistani girl Manon Raja became the first female V-logger of Pakistan who had toured more than 25 countries and recognizes more than 6 languages has become an icon traveler for exploring the world’s optimistic and peaceful prospective for social media users nowadays.

Manon Raja hails from Azad Kashmir Pakistan aging 30 years is a married lady who love tourism around the globe at her own expenses and her followers on social media are enjoying her each trip through her videos.

While giving her interview to this correspondent on Tuesday, she said, “I don’t go in one city of any country but I do road trips and also visit local villages and even small towns. whenever I travel to any country, my purpose is to present that country according to a local resident not by a tourist.”

Manon Raja have travelled to Saudia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Malaysia, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Turkey, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, America, Canada, Russia, China and so on. She speak English, French, Urdu, Arabic, Pahari and Chinese besides understanding many other languages.

She stated, “I was in hospital for 6 months and on bed rest and couldn’t even walk, stucked in a room with pipes n drips with a view of a mountain in our city in France urged me nothing but to watch documentaries about traveling and then I made a list of countries where I wanted to visit once I get better go out, So started traveling as I came out of the hospital with special assistance and wheel chair. My family helped and encouraged me to do what I wanted.”

“I heard very positive comments from different people in China, Malaysia, Azerbaijan and other countries even Chinese have special word about Pakistani which means ‘friends like brothers’ and there love is beyond expectation.” Manon added.

Manon Raja nowadays on her trip in Baku Azerbaijan and updating her followers through her videos and planning to travel at least 6 to 12 more countries in next year.

The term V-logger is generated from the word Video blogger, and probably heard of “vlogging”, or “video blogging”. Many people like to make videos about interesting topics, their opinions and points of views or just recording their daily life.


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