Media personnel covering protests under attack in various cities

Rawalpindi: Media personnel covering the protests across the country came under attack in various cities.
According to report, in Islamabad a private channels DSNG van was set on fire. Pervaiz Ahmed Ashi Bureau Chief Daily Metro Watch badly injured. It also reported that reporter of Dunya TV reporter was also injured.
On the other hand The Pakistan Broadcast Association (PBA) condemned the attacks on members of the media during the coverage of the religious party’s protests across the country. In a press release issued on Saturday, the association said that violence against journalists and attacks on media vehicles will not be tolerated.
Protection of journalists is the responsibility of the state, the PBA said, demanding that the government take action against those who are violating laws. The association condemned the burning down of a private channel’s DSNG van in Faizabad, attacks on reporters in Karachi and two DSNGs in Lahore.
PBA also urged journalists to take all necessary safety precautions while performing their duties. The operation was commenced on court orders following the expiry of the midnight deadline set by the district administration.

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