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Corruption has decreased in our tenure says Punjab CM

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan consists of four federating units along with areas comprising of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. It is rich in natural resources and when all the federating units will progress collectively then the state of Pakistan will also be developed. He said the people are served through honesty, hard work and trust and added that ruling elite has obstructed the schemes of the welfare of the common people. Unluckily, social evils like lust, corruption and nepotism have deepened their roots in the society and the menace of corruption has damaged the country like the termite. Mega scandals of corruptions were unearthed in the past while no corruption of the incumbent government has been reported. Corruption has been deceased in our tenure while the national kitty was plundered in cases like Nandipur, NICL, OGRA and rental power projects. Pakistan was not made to plunder while the layman is kept deprived of justice. The collective agenda of all of us should be to serve the people selflessly.
He expressed these views while talking to different delegations in London. He said that when we all will work hard collectively then everybody will treat us respectfully. We all will have to move jointly to make the country progress and Pakistan shall achieve its destination through collective efforts and vision. He said that tremendous work has been done on energy projects and the electricity generation schemes have been completed in a record period of time. The genie of load-shedding has been overpowered and therefore, it is almost minimal now. He said that ego has no worth when compared with the country and added that Pakistan shall have to be moved further with the power of unity. Pakistan shall definitely emerge as a great state if we decide to make the nation great by adopting the path of hard work, honesty and trust. He said that the negative politics of falsehood and allegations deviate the nation and therefore, the elements leveling baseless allegations and indulged in mendacity and accusations will have to review their behavior.

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