Amman Conference denounce Indian barbarism in IHK

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Amman: Speakers at a conference hosted by the Embassy of Pakistan in cooperation with Pakistan Graduate’s Club Jordan, Saloon of Art and Literature and Pakistan-Jordan Friendship Association, here on Tuesday condemned Indian barbarism against the people of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IoK) in strongest terms and urged the international community to take notice of these horrendous brutalities.

The seminar titled ‘Jammu & Kashmir: A Tale of Unending Miseries’ was held in the context of 71st Kashmir Black Day being observed on 27 October. The event was attended by a large representation from different walks of life including Jordanian Senate, diplomatic community, media, think tanks, civil society, Human Right organisations and Pakistani community.

Kashmiri leader and AJK-based Hurriyat Representative Altaf Hussain Wani attended the event as guest speaker, whereas, President of Jordan-Pakistan Friendship Association, Mr. Fakhri Abu Taleb, Senator Ghazi At Tayyeb, President Pakistan Graduates’ Club Mr. Zaid Al Muhaisen and renowned Jordanian author and historian Mr. Umer Nazal Al Armouti also spoke on the event. Drawing parallels between Kashmir and Palestine the speakers on the occasion said, “Jammu & Kashmir and Palestine are the two long-standing disputes that the Muslim World is facing for the last 70 years”. They appreciated the consistent struggle of the valiant people of IoK for exhibiting unmatched resilience and determination in their plight for freedom from Indian occupation.
The speakers called upon the global community, especially the Muslim Ummah, to stand up and raise their voices for the oppressed people of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

They noted that no oppressor in the world has ever succeeded in subjugating a valiant people forever and expressed hope that soon the people of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir will also realize their long cherished dream of freedom from the Indian yoke.

Urging India to resolve Jammu & Kashmir dispute they observed that the international community must support the legitimate right to self determination of the people of Kashmir as per the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

Pakistan’s Charge’d affaires, Ms. Saadia Wuqar-un Nisa and Defence Attaché Col. Muhammad Yousaf also addressed the gathering and highlighted the flagrant human rights violations committed by 700,000 Indian occupation forces in IoK. It was underlined that since July 2016, Indian brutalities have resulted in the killings of over 460 innocent Kashmiris, injuring over 20,000 and deliberately blinding hundreds. Over 200 people have lost their eyesight, while the vision of thousands has been impaired. Over 95,000 people have been killed by the Indian army since 1989, out of which 7,000 have been killed within Indian custody. About 10,000 Kashmiris have been enforced to disappearance. More than 10,000 women have been dishonored and more than 6,000 unmarked mass graves have been discovered in IoK with thousands of dead bodies.
It may be recalled here that on 27th October 1947, Indian troops landed in Srinagar, the capital of Jammu & Kashmir, to illegally occupy the State against the wishes of a vast majority of its people. Since that day the grave human tragedy is continuing in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir where the Indian occupation forces are committing the worst form of state terrorism and crimes against humanity in order to crush the just and legitimate struggle of Kashmiris for their right to self-determination.

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