Now PML(N) is party of personal interests: Nisar

Islamabad : Former Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said that PML(N) has become a party of personal vested interests, which is causing loss of the country that is already engulfed in dangers .

Talking to the media on Monday he said that the leadership of PML(N) should come out of the state of deaf and dumb and think seriously about the overall problems, as Pakistan is facing overt and covert dangers from several countries.
He said Pakistan Muslim League is doing the politics of personal interests and nothing is being done to evade dangers.
“ If we used to think about personal interests then it will be disasterous for all. The country is facing more problems than 1970 as at that time we were facing danger from one country and now we are facing dangers from many countries”, he added.
He said there is no groups in the party but there is difference of opinion which is a part of democratic system. He said that elections should not be postponed as the delay of elections will be harmful for the country.
He warned that when a statement was issued on the assertion of Trump then Pakistan had to change its policy which consequently formed such front uniting institutions, parliament and people.
He said he advised Nawaz Sharif not to make a speech on Panama nor should write a letter to the Supreme Court.
He added that the present Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi should not indulge in the talks of technocrat government.
Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that he prevented Nawaz Sharif from appearing before JIT but his advice was not taken seriously. He said there should not be confrontation with the courts as there is no way except Supreme Court.
He said his contention is that we should struggle in the Supreme Court and should keep party interests in mind than the personal interests.
He cautioned of a huge vacuum if PML N is harmed.
To a question he said at present there is no focus on the dangers and all are doing their routine business. He stressed the need to seriously work on dangers.

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