Infrastructure development to boost exports; PBIF


Multan: President Pakistan Businessmen and Intellectuals Forum (PBIF), Mian Zahid Hussain has said that the improvement of infrastructure would not only reduce the cost of doing business but also it would enhance the exports.

While talking to business community he said that the government should take steps to reduce the role of intermediaries which will reduce the cost of doing business and trigger economic activities as well as much-needed exports, he said.
Mian Zahid Hussain said that Multan was a known trading and industrial hub before partition but it gradually lost the significance despite the fact that many leading politicians of the country belong to this area.
The issues hindering the growth of the area include lack of energy and hike in its price; weak infrastructure, improper storage facilities and a dry port which badly needs up gradation.
He said that the city has become important due to CPEC and government should take steps to improve the situation with the active consultation of Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The area is known for export of yarn, mango, garments, leather and handicrafts while the mango export target is frequently exceeded but the support of the government is needed to gain a foothold in the better markets of the west, he said.

Rail and road infrastructure is being improved to cater for the needs of CPEC but local issues should also be resolved as Multan has been dubbed as one of the best cities for investment by World Bank and other institutions due to its cheap labour cost, therefore Govt. apart from working n city’s infrastructure should also focus on boosting Economic activities in Multan.


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