HBL ATM at Faisal Masjid goes out of order

Islamabad: The Faisal Masijid in Islamabad happens to be a largely visited location.
In addition to that it hosts old campus of the International Islamic University with thousands of employees and students.
The Faisal Masjid has only one ATM within the campus of the university. It was serving the community of the campus to some extent but it became out of order in the beginning of the current month causing lot of problems for staff and students.
The Habib Bank Limited which operates the ATM should have speedily work on restoration of their ATM services. However they have disappointed people. Through this most urgent note the HBL is asked why this delay? Why the account holders are forced to face problems? Other banks are also requested to open their ATMs at Faisal Masjid for visitors and IIUI staff and students so that monopoly of one bank may not affect them as it is nowadays.

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