PM AJK urges diaspora to highlight plight of Kashmiris


LONDON: Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (PM AJK) Raja Farooq Haider Khan left for Pakistan here on saturday. PM AJK, during his short visit, met different delegations in Europe and Britain and highlighted Kashmir issue and urged international community and Kashmir Diaspora to raise their voice for the people of Kashmir.
Senior Minister AJK Chaudhry Tariq Farooq was also on visit with Prime Minister. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Azad Kashmir addressed various conferences and meetings in France, Italy and Britain besides participating in the events of Kashmir week in the European Parliament Brussels.
Before leaving for Pakistan, Prime Minister Raja Mohammad Farooq Haider Khan, while talking to media said that the struggle of the people of occupied Kashmiri have been realized internationally by making worthless sacrifices.
He said that our task is to highlight their sacrifice, struggle and hard work to the world only.
He said,”It is not fairly stated that we have settled the Kashmir issue, but according to limited resources, from the humanitarian point of view, we made our efforts unique and effective to the European Union; we have presented the case of those Kashmiri people who are forced to deprived from the basic rights.”
He said that we tried to convey our message to a decent nation.
Prime Minister said that they tried to convey the voice of people of the occupied Kashmir to civil society, media, human rights organizations, as well as the immigrants of Europe.

He said that people with dual citizenship, and especially their children should give full insight to the occupied Kashmir so that they can present the case of their oppressed brothers to the world effectively.
“During our visit to Europe, we told Kashmir Diaspora about the performance of the Azad Kashmir government so that their trust could be restored and they could open their investments in our State.During the visit, I also invited the European Parliamentarians, civil society, public rights organizations to visit Azad Kashmir as well as Line of Control and go to the occupied Kashmir and observe the situation that how our brothers in occupied Kashmir are suffering.”, Prime Minister added.
Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that he emphasized the European civil society that they should raise their voice for human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and subject their trade with India to Human Rights.
Prime Minister also appreciated the efforts of chairman Kashmir council Europe Syed Ali Raza and other party leaders for making Kashmir Week successful.
Prime Minister demanded all political parties in Azad Kashmir not to do politics outside the country. He said, “Instead of politics, just utilize all of your skills to highlight Kashmir cause. When our political divine exceeds to other countries, it results in big loss to Kashmir cause. I appeal to all political parties and political workers that the way they demonstrated unity and solidarity during my visit, all the political forces should follow this trend in future.”


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