NCPC celebrates World Habitat Day


RAWALPINDI: National Cleaner Production Center (NCPC) in collaboration with UN-Habitat celebrated World Habitat Day at World Cities Dayat MDC Hall, Attock Refinery Limited, Morgah, Rawalpindi on Friday. Country Director UN-Habitat, Mr. Jawed Ali Khan was accompanied by Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan from International Islamic University, Islamabad. Students from different universities and schools participated in the event. This year theme of World Habitat Day was “Housing Policies and Affordable Homes”and theme of World Cities Day was “Innovative Governance, Open Cities”.The purposes of celebrating these very important days are to reflect on the state of our towns and cities, and on the basic right of all to adequate shelter. The need to establish better living conditions for people around the world is important. These days helps to make people aware of how people need to receive the proper support in the form of healthy and suitable homes that they can stay protected in. By offering proper education and support to society, it will be easier for appropriate shelters and habitats to be established all around the world as a mean of supporting people who need help the most. In his address, Mr. Javed Ali Khan emphasized that collective efforts to solve various common issues must be done. He focused on promoting all levels of government and all relevant stakeholders to reflect on how to implement concrete initiatives to ensure adequate and affordable housing in the context of implementation of New Urban Agenda at all levels, as well as achievement of SDGs. Dr. Irfan highlighted that it is imperative for everyone to change their behaviour to reduce global warming. He said today, our homes and offices contribute to around one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. The development of greener buildings to house the world’s fast-growing urban population is therefore essential to tackling climate change. Coordinator NCPC, Mr. Irshad Ramay presented the role of NCPC towards cleaner production. He pointed out that students and younger generation can play the key role towards a cleaner environment. He emphasized that capacity building of students is very much necessary regarding environment.At the end Mr. Irshad Ramay presented souvenirs to Mr. Javed Ali Khan and Dr. Muhammad Irfan. Students also visited Morgah Biodiversity Park and enjoyed the demonstration of biogas cooking. The Environmental Expert of NCPC Sana Tahir, Sadaf Yasin, Bilal Muzamil, Environmentalis and Naseem Khan coordinated to organize the event.


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