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Great Sacrifices

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Attaur Rahman
This soil has given place to many martyred in its heart, because they got martyrdom for this soil. They sacrificed for their mother land. After 9/11, Pakistan faced many challenges and bloodsheds in the war against terror. We are a nation who sacrificed a lot for this country. We sacrificed for the peace of world. We will fight against the last terror. Brave and patriot will leave the world but will not leave the terror on the surface of earth.
Fawad Ali shah is one of those brave people who have sacrificed for this country. He was a brave civil servant. After his graduation from Quaid Azam University Islamabad with achieving gold medal in international relations, he joined civil services of Pakistan. His aim was to serve this country and humanity. He got martyrdom with seven more in a lethal bomb blast at Bajaur Agency. This is a great loss for our country. We lost an intelligent and genius civil servant. We lost a brave solider who was fighting for his countrymen. His death shocked a lot of people. His father is proud on his bravery and martyrdom, and hopeful that his son’s blood will bring peace and calm in the world of terror. His father’s demand from the incumbent government is to give his son Tamgha e Shujaat, not compensation.
The government of Pakistan should give him this particular medal on his bravery. He should be awarded with Tamgha e Shujaat. He deserves a lot as his sacrifice is of great value. President and prime minister of Pakistan are requested to give him this award sooner than later. His father is a great father who born a great and brave son, his son deserves Tamgha e Shujaat.

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