Punjab Food Authority decides to ban Banaspati ghee production, sale till 2020


Lahore : The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has decided to impose ban on the production and sale of Banaspati ghee till July 2020 owing to its harmful effects on the human body.
It was decided in the meeting convened by the PFA on Thursday regarding the hazardous effects of Banaspati ghee. Food and medical experts also attended the meeting.
The Scientific Panel of the provincial food watchdog revealed that a high quantity of trans-fatty acids, palmitic acid and nickel were used in manufacturing of Banaspati ghee and may cause fatal affects on the lives of the people.
They were of the view that hazardous substances in Banaspati ghee may cause cancer including other diseases like obesity, diabetes, mental diseases, and heart diseases.
The authority has given approval of three years for alternative production to Banaspati ghee manufacturers after that manufacturing of Banaspati ghee will be completely ban by 2020 in Punjab.
The expert panel has also decided to restrict trans-fatty acids up to 0.5 per cent.
Director General PFA Noorul Amin Mengal said according to an estimate annual consumption of cooking oil and ghee for each person is around 18 kilogrammes in Pakistan, whereas it is merely three kilogrammes in Europe.
He emphasized that the public must use olive oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil and other vegetable oil instead of banaspati ghee.”


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