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Entire country looking towards voters of NA-120, says Imran

Khushab : Chairman Pakistan Tehrik Insaaf (PTI), Imran Khan said Saturday that entire country was seeing towards the voters of NA 120.
Addressing a big public gathering, he said today was a decisive day for the voters of NA-120 whether they were with judiciary or not. He said a neck-to-neck contest is going to take place in the constituency NA 120. One the one the one hand there is province and federation’s resources and MNAs while one the other hand there was Dr. Yasmin Rashid of PTI. He alleged that voters are being purchased in NA 120.
Imran Khan said corruption was the main issue of this country. He said the corruption was eating up the country like termite. In the presence of corrupt politicians the country cannot make progress, he added. He said Congo had the mines of diamonds but was poor due to corruption, adding in Singapur a faithful Prime Minister came into power who curbed the corruption. He said the PM of Singapur paid heed on education, which helped the country make progress.
PTI chief alleged that the reason behind our backwardness was “Mujhy Kyon Nikala”. A small faction of like “Mujhy Kyon Nikala” has become billionaire, he added. He said the country can not make progress and the youth would remain jobless until the corruption was rooted out. The people would decide tomorrow whether they are with democracy or not. He said one son of former PM Nawaz Sharif is living in the house worth Rs 600 billon while the other is also billionaire. He added the theft of Nawaz Sharif’s one son was bigger than all thieves.
Imran Khan said that he was fully aware of the issues being faced by the people of Khushab. He recalled he had visited Khushab some 21 years ago. He added nation has make wise after 21 years. He lamented that there was a sewerage system in Mohanjo daro but in our cities. He said Bangla Desh has made advancement and progress as compared to Pakistan. He said the theft of ruler inflict the country. He said the rulers established palace from the money accumulated by corruption.
He said that Maryam Nawaz did not accept the ownership of flates but her brother accepted. I want to know that Maryam Bibi why had to you felt the need to tell a lie, he posed a question? She had lied that she had no property London. He claimed that Maryam had knew about the revelation of Panama.
He paid salute to Supreme Court for holding the rulers accountable. He said the KP government has failed to curb terrorism in the province. He further said there was five percent less poverty in KP. He was optimistic that people of KP would again give votes to PTI. He pointed that there was number of MPs in the National Assembly who inflicted the country. He asked the people of Punjab to pose question from rulers why they have had not established hospitals in the province. He said PTI would clinch victory in the next general elections.

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