AJK President and PM exchange views on different issues:

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MUZAFFARABAD: (Parliament Times) The AJK President Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan and Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan held a meeting here on Saturday and exchanged the views on different issues including the unanimous approval of establishing Sharia Appellant Bench High Court by AJK Legislative Assembly , development of the state, the mega development schemes in all constituencies, upholding of merit in institutions, transparency, process of accountability, the ongoing situation of Indian held Kashmir and the burning issue of genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar came also under discussion in detail.

Both the leaders also discussed the demand of Amnesty International to India for giving up the use of pallet guns against Kashmiri people and held consultations to devise strategy as to meet the future challenges of these issues.

The AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq told the President that legislation was made on the establishment of Sharia Appellant Bench High Court after taking the clerics from all the school of thoughts into confidence and the PM said that prior this there was no constitutional protection to the Sharia court and some politicians tried to give the perception that Sharia Court is being merged or abolished in the High Court which it was out of the context and actual situation he added.

He said that Sharia Appellant Bench High Court has would be comprised on judges and a high esteemed religious scholar. The AJK President on the occasion expressed his confidence on the legislation in this regard and said that it was a sensitive Sharia and religious issue and unanimous opinion on resolving this issue amicably was a good omen President added.

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