System Up-gradation: IESCO issues power shut down schedule

Islamabad: (PR) IESCO on Friday while issuing a power shutdown schedule said that due to system up gradation/ system repair their will power shut down on 16 & 18 September 2017 as per below mentioned schedule;

On 16 September, 10:00am to 14:00pm KRL, Muslim Town, Jinnah Camp, Shakrial feeders, 09:30am to 15:30pm Samote, Islam Pura feeders, 09:00am to 14:00pm Khanna-II feeder, 09:00am to 13:00pm Scheme-I, Khanna East, Barma, National Park feeders, On 18 September, 09:00am to 14:00pm Jinnah Camp, Al-Noor Colony, Khanna-II feeders, 10:00am to 15:00pm Bhara Kahu, NIH, Angori feeders, 09:00am to 13:00pm Gulistan Colony feeder and surrounding areas will be affected. More over in continuation of system up-gradation plane, IESCO is replacing 160 MVA transformers with 250 MVA and in this connection shut down has been approved for 220KV NTDC Burhan Grid from 16:00 to 18:00 HRS and 500KV NTDC gird New Rawat from 10:00 to 18:00 HRS.

Due to this shut down no area will be affected however in case of extreme contingency in worst condition load management will be required at burhan and Rawat accordingly. Apologizing its valued customers for this in convenes the IESCO said, “In case of early completion of work electricity will be restored before the scheduled time”.

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