Zahid Hamid says there is no role of federal government in appointment of judges.


Islamabad: Replying to questions during question hour in the National Assembly, Federal Minister for Law and Justice Zahid Hamid has said that in the appointment of judges process there is no role of federal government.
He revealed there is no quota of women judges but we want maximum representation is given to them. He further said Chief Justice and Supreme Court Judicial Council have a role in this process.
He pointed out that recovery amount is being deposited in the national exchequer. He said NAB is reviewing the law.
During question hour Minister of State for Human Rights said that during the past four years a lot of work has been done in this field and particularly he made mention of the steps taken in reference to women.
On Myanmar, he said Muslims are being subjected to barbarity and we have out rightly condemned it from the very first day. Myanmar’s cruelties are shame for the humanity he added and it is the worst example of human rights violations.