Hike in price of 20 kg atta bag by Rs 40 triggers resentment among citizens


RAWALPINDI: (Parliament Times) Unilateral hike in the price of 20 kilogram atta bag by Rs 40 has sparked off resentment among the citizens.

According to media reports earlier 20 kilogram atta bag was available in the market at the rate of Rs 680 and now its new price has been fixed Rs 720. Earlier sale price of wheat per maund was Rs 1290 which has now been increased to Rs 1300 per maund.

The citizens have voiced protest against this upswing in the price of atta by Rs 40 per bag fearing that the Nanbai will scale up the rate of per chappati by Rs 2.

People from all walks of life have demanded of district price committee to take action against this arbitrary rise in the price of atta by the retailers.