Government schools used for marriage receptions, dept. oblivious

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Saqib Ali Haidri
Muzaffarabad: Government school halls are being given for marriage receptions by administration, while the education department remains either un-informed or oblivious to the happenings.

Ali Akbar Awan School situated near State Bank of Pakistan upper chatter is also used for marriage receptions on weekends. A reception was held in the same school here on Sunday. On the other hand, government is busy to do new legislation on education package which was restored by Supreme Court last week.

Education package has been noted a big issue between government and opposition since last year. Administration of these schools took advantage of negligence of education department. It has also been observed that the ratio of passing candidates in government schools is far less than private schools.

Despite of getting handsome salaries, these schools are used for private business by their administration. Representatives of schools told this correspondent that it was Sunday and school hall was vacant due to holiday. Citizens demanded PM AJK and education minister to take stern action of this negligence of education department. Citizens also demanded that if government allows schools halls for receptions then it should be granted to every citizen so they can save their money instead of paying to marriage halls and hotels.

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