No proper waste management system in capital city

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Saqib Ali Haidri
Muzaffarabad: Debris collected from all around the capital city is being dumped into river by Muncipal Corporation Muzaffarabad MCM.

Three sustainable development goals are also ignored due to this negligence of the department. According to details, all garbage and sullage material wastes are thrown into river which is decreasing the life of Mangla Dam. It was direction of government that all the debris and wastages of capital city should be buried near Barsala, a specific place and machinery was assigned for this on monthly budget.
As per source, the contract for this purpose has been given to an office bearer of MCM. This 2.5 lacs expense to locate and bury the debris is being shared between Administrator and the relevant contractor.

This ignorance by the said department also ignores three sustainable development goals SDGs of UN which are set to achieve by 2030. SDG number 6 highlights clean water and sanitation but due to this act of MCM, people of other districts along river bank have to use filthy water. SDGs 13 (climate action) and 14( Life below water) are also ignored and this dumping of toxic waste which is also effecting the life of living things below water.

Citizens demanded PM AJK to take stern action against this negligence of MCM administrator.

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