NA rejects Trump’s statement about Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: (Parliament Times) Members of the National Assembly on Wednesday strongly denounced the statement of US President Donald Trump, saying that the whole nation is on one page against the new US policy.

They were speaking on a motion moved by Law Minister Zahid Hamid regarding the US President’s new strategy for South-Asia and Afghanistan and remarks about Pakistan.

They said the foreign policy should be reviewed keeping in view national interests and the changing geo-political situation.

They called for a joint session of the parliament to give a strong and clear message to President Donald Trump.

The Members said that Pakistan is not responsible for US failure in Afghanistan. They said that US strategies of use of power and dialogue have failed in Afghanistan.

The members categorically rejected US President’s blame of safe havens of terrorists in Pakistan. They said that national narrative against terrorism should be changed.

The members proposed that Chairman Senate and Speaker National Assembly should write letters to their US counterparts for formulation of a committee consisting of Parliamentarians, diplomats and Military Personnel.

They said this committee should give a strategy to end allegation of safe havens once and for all.

The members said Pakistan has always been articulating peace and stability in Afghanistan. They said peace in Afghanistan is in the best interests of Pakistan.

The National Assembly today passed a unanimous resolution strongly rejecting the statement of US President Donald Trump about Pakistan in his new policy for Afghanistan and South Asia.

The resolution moved by Minister for Foreign Affairs Khawaja Asif also rejected the claims of NATO Commander in Afghanistan General Nicholson regarding presence of Taliban Shora in Quetta and Peshawar.

The House condemned attempts by Trump Administration to provide more space to India in Afghanistan, considering it a move highly detrimental to regional stability.

The Resolution also condemned Indian State terrorism in occupied Kashmir and reiterated Pakistan’s continued diplomatic, political and moral support to Kashmiris for their struggle for right to self-determination.

It also rejected the US claims of giving Pakistan billions of dollars in add. It said that Pakistan’s economy has suffered a loss of more than 123 billion dollars in war against terrorism.

The resolution denounced complete disregard and lack of respect for Pakistan’s immense sacrifices in countering terrorism.

The National Assembly through the resolution acknowledged sacrifices of the security forces in their counter terrorism operations.

The resolution extended support to counter-terrorism operations being conducted by the armed forces of Pakistan along with the Rangers and Law Enforcement Agencies.

It reiterated that as a responsible nuclear state, Pakistan has in place a robust and credible command and control system in place, which has been universally recognized.

The resolution regarded President Trump’s and General Nicholson’s statements as hostile and threatening.

The resolution called upon the government to commence a diplomatic initiative, particularly with friendly countries in the region to inform the international community of Pakistan’s counter-terrorism strategy.

The resolution expressed serious concern over increasing concentration of ISIS and other terrorist’s networks in Afghan provinces bordering with Pakistan.

The resolution asked the Afghan Government to close all safe havens being provided to banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Jamat-ul-Ahrar and other terrorist organizations from where terror attacks are conducted against Pakistan.

The resolution demanded the US, NATO and Afghan Government to ensure that India is denied the use of Afghan territory to conduct terrorist attacks against Pakistan.

The House reiterated Pakistan’s desire to lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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