We have weakened the parliament : Khursheed Shah

Islamabad: Opposition leader Syed Khursheed shah has said that he has felt ashamed after witnessing lack of quorum of lawmakers in national assembly sessions claiming elected representatives are assassinating the trust of public.
While addressing national assembly session on Tuesday, he said 200 million people of Pakistan are looking towards vacant seats of National Assembly.
Election bill 2017 is bill for all of us and members should be present in the parliament, he said adding the sky is overcast and we have weakened the parliament. There are 53 ministers but not a single one IS present in the session, he remarked. .
He while expressing displeasure over lack of quorum of lawmakers in NA said when we came late in the school we were made to stand up on chairs.

He asked the speaker to make the absenting ministers stand on the chairs too. All talk of parliament and democracy but no one comes to parliament, he added.
PML-N leader sheikh Aaftab while addressing NA session said that opposition leader’s reservations are right urging we should realize our responsibility.
I will make contacts with ministers after session, he added.

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