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We can not stay silent now: Trump

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump while reiterating the allegations against Pakistan that it is providing safe havens to the terrorists has said that his country can not stay silent now adding Pakistan should change its attitude soon otherwise it will have to suffer.

“ Pakistan is providing safe havens to terrorist organizations. Terrorism has not been weeded out despite providing billions of dollars to Pakistan. We can not remain mute now. US pay billions of dollars to Pakistan but it has provided refuge to the terrorists against whom we are fighting. Pakistan should change its attitude soon. Siding with US will benefit it otherwise it will have to suffer”, he said this while unveiling new US security strategy in South Asia.

He said that people of Pakistan had rendered unprecedented sacrifices in war on terror. We respect Pakistan for launching operations against terrorists. But we will not stay silent over terrorists organisation operating in Pakistan.
Threatening for curtailment in US aid to Pakistan Trump said “we pay billion of dollars to Pakistan but even then Pakistan is harbouring those terrorists against whom our war is continuing.

He held “we will not tolerate it now. Pakistan will have to show its commitment. We are changing our mind to deal with Pakistan. Pakistan first will have to change its situation. Pakistan should dedicate to civilization and take interest in establishment of peace.

He underlined “ US policy for South Asia will considerably change now. This attitude of Pakistan should be changed now. We will not sit mute over safe havens of terrorist operating in Pakistan.
He went on to say “Pakistan and India are two nuclear states and we don’t want nuclear arms go into the hands of terrorists.

Brushing aside his previous statement of terming the war continuing in Afghanistan since last 16 years as wastage of time and money he said “decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk at Oval Office”.
Trump also discussed how the US seeks honourable and enduring outcome for the numerous sacrifices of its army.
“The security threats we face are immense!”
Nevertheless, he said that the consequences of a quick exit from the Afghan territory would be “predictable and unacceptable” since militants would fill the vacuum created by a “hasty withdrawal”.
America will now be shifting from a “time-based approach” to “one based on conditions”. However, Trump refused to discuss the number of troops or any policy change pertaining to “further military activities”.
“[I] will not say when we will attack, but attack we will!” Trump said, in what sounded eerily akin to a threat.
“Our army, without prejudice, has sacrificed a lot,” Trump commented, noting that all army officials are part of the American family.
Trump went on to explain that if one part of the United States is hit, the rest of the nation feels the pain.
The American president then moved to talk terrorism-related matters, bringing up September 11, 2001, attacks and saying “no one can forget” that tragedy.
The businessman-turned-politician said he shared the Americans’ feeling of being “weary of war without victory”.
“The consequences of a rapid exit [from Afghanistan] are predictable and unacceptable,” Trump said early Tuesday morning during a live televised speech.
Trump said he asked Defense Secretary Jim Mattis “to undertake a review” of the situation in Afghanistan right after taking office.
Trump also said Pakistan – Afghanistan’s east-side neighbour – “gives safe haven to agents of chaos, violence, and terror” and that “we must stop any re-emergence of such safe havens”.
US President Donald Trump has allegedly approved sending an additional 4,000 troops to Afghanistan, an American media outlet reported.
He said “we will protect our common interests along with our allies and we will not go back till the complete elimination of the terrorists. We will forge alliance with every country which joins hands with us against terrorism, he added.

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