Aasiya suffers acute asthma attack in jail: DeM


Srinagar: In occupied Kashmir, Dukhtaran-e-Millat while expressing serious concern over the deteriorating health of illegally detained party Chairperson, Aasiya Andrabi, has castigated the puppet regime for putting her life at grave risk.

The DeM General Secretary, Nahida Nasreen, in a statement issued in Srinagar said that as per the family members of Aasiya Andrabi and her associate, Fehmeeda Sofi, who had gone to Amphalla jail to meet them, the party chairperson had suffered from a serious asthma attack recently and was not provided with medical facility. “The recent asthma attack caused due to unhygienic conditions inside the jail premises. The denial of medical care has taken a serious toll on the health of Aasiya Andrabi,” she said.

Nahida Nasreen said, because of asthma attack, dangerous levels of phlegm has accumulated inside Aasiya’s chest due to which she isn’t able to talk or breathe properly. “She hasn’t slept for the past many nights and her condition is worsening with every passing day as no medical facility has been made available to her since May 18 – the day she was lodged in the Amphalla jail,” she added.

The DeM General Secretary said that it was a clear case of political vengeance. “It seems that this puppet regime, on orders of its masters in Delhi, want to kill Aasiya Andrabi inside the jail. That is why despite being critically ill, this puppet government isn’t shifting her to the Kashmir Valley. Ideally, keeping in consideration her critical health condition, Aasiya Andrabi should be released but this regime is so much frightened of this woman leader that it isn’t even shifting her to the Kashmir Valley,” she added.

It seems that the authorities are scared that if they release or shift Aasiya Andrabi to Kashmir, it will shake their illegal occupation, she added. “If anything untoward happens to the DeM Chairperson inside the jail, it will have serious repercussions,” she warned.

Nahida Nasreen appealed to the international human rights organisations to take cognizance of illegal detention of Aasiya Andrabi under draconian law, Public Safety Act, and denial of proper medical care to her. She also asked the Ulema and Imams of mosques in occupied Kashmir to raise the issue during the upcoming Friday congregations.

Meanwhile, Hurriyat leader, Masroor Abbas Ansari in his statement in Srinagar expressing concern over the deteriorating health of Aasiya Andrabi said that she had been deprived of necessary medical facilities. He said that India could not suppress the ongoing liberation movement through use of brute force and other cheap tactics.


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