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India too much perturbed over disqualification of Nawaz : Musharraf

London: Former President Pervez Musharraf has said that the Nawaz’s disqualification has perturbed Indians since Nawaz Sharif tolerated all the oral rubbish of Narendra Modi against Pakistan which won’t persist in future .

Former President said this in an interview with an Indian channel
Musharraf stressed that CPEC is troubling most India therefore they are making all out efforts that this project closes down but it will not close down.

The only problem Indians has got is China is emerging as Superpower, which will keep-on giving them goose-bumps in stomach since China is friend of Pakistan and will always remain their friend.

He rejected all the baseless allegations leveled with reference to e Kargil War and responded that Pakistanis had grabbed the Indians by neck in Kargil War, while the Pakistan Army had moved into Indian soil from five different positions, therefore, the Indians had gone to UN supplicating that Pakistan should be sent back. .

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