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Journalist Faraz Khan, complaints about physicians’ rude behavior

Islamabad: (Parliament Times) Some doctors of Al-Nafess Medical Hospital Islamabad were reported to have crossed the limits of sanity by resorting to verbal abuse and misdemeanor against a journalist Noor Faraz Khan who was accompanying his family to the hospital for the treatment.

Noor Faraz Khan who had complained of the rude behaviour of some of the doctors of the Al-Nafees Medical Hospital Islamabad said that a couple of days back he went to the hospital’s emergency unit for a routine medical checkup of his family. He said that there were two doctors namely Dr. Ali Asghar and Dr. Yasir who were tasked to see the out-door patients.

“After formal procedure I sought attention of the doctors but instead of taking any notice they kept chatting on different issues without paying any attention to the patients who were groaning in pain”, Khan said adding that after waiting for more than half an hour he tried to draw the doctors’ attention towards the condition of my patient again and asked them, “Dr. Sahib I’m a journalist and the way your are treating me makes me wonder as how would you be treating average common people”.
Instead of giving any meaningful reason or argument against their pathetic attitude Khan said that the doctors on duty resorted to foul language and hurled abuses at him. After a barrage of threats and abusive language the doctors told me, “here the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s balloon has been punctured….and who the hell you journalists are……?

Noor Faraz Khan said that he was greatly shocked by the doctors’ rowdy attitude saying that those who were treated as Messeiha have unfortunately turned into heartless botchers devoid of human instinct and compassion that were believed to be the hallmark of medical practitioners. Noor Faraz Khan has appealed the Al-Nafees Hospital administration to take a stern action against Dr. Ali Asghar and Dr. Yasir, who he said have abused him besides inflicting mental pain to his family. He said that one of the doctors who posed himself as a former Navy officer was very rude and arrogant. Such “ruthless doctors” he said have brought a bad name to this noble profession.

He said that the hospital management should tender a written apology within a week besides taking disciplinary action against the doctor Asghar and Yasir for violating the code of conduct. “If they failed to do so within the given period of time then I will drag them before the court of law”, Khan said.

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