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Violation of OGRA rules: Petroleum products sold at high rates

Saqib Ali Haidri
MUZAFFARABAD: Price hike is witnessed on Petroleum products at different filling stations in the State capital but administration has taken no action in this regard.

Recent survey showed that all fuel pumps in Muzaffarabad are selling petroleum products more than the price given by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), owners deliberately cut down supply of fuel in last days of month whether prices rise or fall.

OGRA regulates prices of petroleum products and fluctuations in prices have been noticed every month, owners of fuel pumps disturb supply and demand to earn more profit if prices increased.

In July, OGRA mentioned price of premium petrol as 71.40 PKR which is selling on 72.40 to 72 rupees per liter, while diesel price is 79.90 rupees but consumer gets on 80.10 to 82 rupees per liter giving extra profit of 1 to 2 rupees per liter to owners.

As per a survey conducted, around 300,000 to 400,000 liters petrol and diesel are consumed in Muzaffarabad on daily basis. One of the owner of fuel pumps said,” we are bearing traveling expenses and freight charges from company to our locations, we hardly meet our expenses with this increase.” Sources told that Fuel pump owners have bought their own oil tankers and trucks to save traveling expenses and they are efficiently saving their cost.
Petroleum companies claim that it is their responsibility to provide petroleum products to the said destination on their own expenses while on the other hand owners claim that they pay traveling expenses.

OGRA has strictly ordered all the administration of all districts to implement the rates given by them. Residents and transporters of Capital city demanded PM AJK, Chief Secretary, and local administration to take immediate action against this abnormal hike in irregularity in prices on petroleum products within the city.

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